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A presto!

Ciao! I’m Katie. Your Italy Lover, Meditation Mentor, Culture Guide.

I’ve always had an urge to explore the unknown. I created my own path. I never was a follower. In fact, I hated everything about trying to be someone else.

My heart yearned to live abroad and experience a life completely different than my own. I strived for better, I wanted more, I wanted to see the world and all its’ glory.

I’ve always struggled with being the outcast, the odd one out, never the popular one. However that was a blessing in disguise. I learned from not following the fold, I was able to explore myself more deeply without worrying about others opinions.

I’m embarking on a new mission to be of service to others and change the world. I believe that if it scares you, it is something to face and conquer. When you hide behind validation and approval you can lose focus on what is already within you.

Are you ready to travel with an American Insider? 

I want to show you how amazing travel does to the soul. From trying new dishes to visiting places that weren’t on your map of Italy. 

Join me on my Cultural Travel Experiences where you’ll learn about culture, traditions, language and my favorite, cuisine and wine. 🙂

“Brick walls are there for a reason: they let us prove how badly we want things.”

-Randy Pausch

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