How to Purchase Tickets Online

How to Purchase Tickets Online

How to Purchase Tickets Online
September 23, 2019

Train tickets can be purchased in advance of your travel date and most of the time they are cheaper than purchasing the day of. For example, the Frecciarossa between Florence and Rome might cost €80 ($88) if bought the day of or day before travel, but that price drops to €60 ($66) if you buy it just two days in advance. Something to think about when planning other trips by train.

The Trenitalia site has three options for searching trains “Frecce, Regionali, and Principali Soluzioni”. The booking widget on the main page has a choice of radio buttons above it: “Principali Soluzioni” or “Frecce” or “Regionali.” You want that first one: “All Trains.” Make sure that, on the results page, you look at the choices along the top bar above the results for “You are displaying” and, if it says “Frecce” click on it to select “Main Solutions” instead, so you will get a mix of both the regional trains and the Frecce.

When you purchase a train ticket off of Trenitalia site you DO NOT have to validate the ticket before boarding. You only have to validate the ticket when you purchase from the automatic machines or at a booth with a ticket agent.

I hope this helps on how to purchase a ticket online. Any questions, feel free to leave below.

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