I’ve compiled testimonials from my current students and clients. I teach a class called Bodyflow (a combo of tai chi, yoga and pilates) as well as gentle yoga classes.

My meditations are something I pride myself on. Meditation has been a core part of my life for over 12 years.

Read below to hear about my student’s experience with me.

“True meditation is about being fully present with everything that is including discomfort and challenges. It is not an escape from life.” 

― Craig Hamilton

"Katie is a wonderful teacher who lives and teaches what she believes."

“I have enjoyed Katie Portanova’s instruction for many years. She inspires me to work harder; to reach for the higher option; to “hang on” until the last note. I am desperately missing her Body Flow classes during the Covid-19 crisis. It’s so much more satisfying to work out with Katie at the front of class – coaxing us to dive deeper, balance five more notes, lift our leg(s) a little higher, and breathe! I was a stranger to meditation until mid 2007 when after some coaxing (by teacher) and patience (on my part) I learned and wholly embraced it is essential to my daily well being. Katie is a wonderful teacher who lives and teaches what she believes. I am looking so forward to be back in class again
to share in the wellness experience with her.”

-Ramona S.

"Katie always brought her love of movement, teaching, and encouragement ..."

Katie! Yes, I will use an exclamation mark with her name as her enthusiasm and joy is infectious. Katie always brought her love of movement, teaching, and encouragement to every BODYFLOW class I attended that she led. Her excitement for the class was infectious and her groaning with the rest of us during the challenging ab tracks endeared me to her even more. Take a class with Katie and you will not be disappointed. You will feel strong during the class and centered at the end of class as her mediations were calming, poignant, and set the tone for the remainder of my day. Thank you Katie!

-Carrie W. 

"She enabled me to move forward rather than being stuck in my own head about what was "wrong" with me."

“Katie really encouraged me to learn to appreciate myself and where I was in my journey to getting healthy. Getting an understanding on that enabled me to move forward rather than being stuck in my own head about what was “wrong” with me. I finally learned how to relax and appreciate a class for what it was and what I could do within it rather than trying to judge myself based on my classmates.” 
-Tara W.

"Your meditations always seem to hit home for me."

“I love that Katie’s yoga classes help me both physically & emotionally/spiritually.  She gives helpful tips, modifications, & gentle reminders while moving into yoga poses-& never judges where you are in your fitness journey. Also, her mantras & spiritual reaches always hit home for me. She is open & honest with her guidance & teachings.  I feel it is easier to relax & find true meditation when you know you are with someone who cares about your whole well being.
I love your meditations & mantras. They always seem to hit home for me.

-Jen H.

"Katie helps students develop at their own pace giving alternatives and challenges."

“I have been challenged and grown over the last 3 years with Katie’s yoga classes.  She remembers her student’s goals, concerns, and even preferences for poses and flows.  From the start to the end, the entire class is meaningful and safe. Katie helps students develop at their own pace giving alternatives and challenges. She has done more than I could have imagined to keep our community going during the “safer at home” time.  She created online communities and posts classes keeping our schedule intact to help keep some routines ongoing.  I could watch any yoga video online; I prefer her online classes.” 

-Ruth L.

“Two years ago I started trying Bodyflow with Katie and I love it! I used to be more of a cardio girl, but when I started doing Bodyflow with Katie I truly connected with my real me. It helped me stretch my muscles, it helped me stay away from my daily routine and it helped me to feel connected with my own self. I realized it was my favorite class ever because I was not only gaining strength but I was also finding that moment to connect with myself, to forget about all my worries. Katie also teaches the class trying to connect to her own spirit which invites me to do the same. The best part of the classes are Katie’s meditations. I have tried to do this class with other instructors but it was not the same at all. Katie gives her personal touch with her meditation time. I love what she says and how she says it. She always remind us about the importance of being kind to ourselves, to talk to us as if we were talking to a friend, to embrace who we are, to be vulnerable and to belong. It is a difficult task to practice daily but we need someone who helps us remind this such powerful task to do. It is my favorite moment of the class because of the great combination  of body relaxed and soul awaked. I have to confess that the majority of times I cried after her meditations because my body was relaxed and my soul was starting to awake. She makes me think of buried worries or thoughts that are always there but due to our busy lives I tend to forget. So her meditations remind me I need to face my reality, who I am and to embrace that because that is my story and that is who I am. And that is SO POWERFUL!”

Arantxa G.

“The first time that I walked into Katie’s class I didn’t know what to expect.  It was my very first group  exercise class.  I was nervous, self conscious and excited about the new experience.  Within the first few minutes I knew I was hooked! Katie not just instructed me how to move my body to obtain the best work out. She made it fun, exciting and spiritual! She has a natural talent to make others feel comfortable in their own skin. If that means that you move differently from one position to the next it doesn’t mean that you are doing it wrong.  She teaches her students not just to listen to the physical aspects of our body but to listen to our heart as well.  She is energetic, thoughtful as well as educated and it comes through in every class. Katie is very approachable and is always open to answer any questions. She is a great listener and is always available! Her class helped transform me from a self conscious foggy minded individual to a confident, clear headed, motivated woman.  I can’t thank her enough for all of the amazing experiences that she provided me.  I look forward to every opportunity I get too experience in one of her amazing classes!”

Julia P.

I have had the pleasure of experiencing Katie’s teaching of Les Mills Body Flow at a health club. She always brought a sense of calm and focused energy to the class, which was especially welcomed at her 5:15 am class. Her teaching is impeccable. Her cues and movements are perfection. She was always the right balance of guidance and tranquility during the meditation. It was obvious that Katie is living what she teaches, has genuine care for every person in her class and is an expert in the field of yoga/meditation. I have since moved to another state and miss her greatly!

Jamie M.

“Calming the mind is yoga. Not just standing on the head.”

― Swami Satchidanand

What are you waiting for?

“Meditation can help us embrace our worries, our fear, our anger; and that is very healing. We let our own natural capacity of healing do the work.”

 ― Thich Nhat Hanh

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